We work for free – this means we don’t charge an hourly, daily or weekly salary. We are not intending to make money, nor are we allowed to use the video equipment to do so, because we are a charitable organisation. All the money needed to travel to the organisations we cooperate with is raised beforehand. But: We do ask the organisation to provide a simple bed and a daily meal, so we can keep the costs for our stay at a minimum.

We are raising funds via Crowdfunding on betterplace.org from our network of families, friends and supporters. Furthermore we have applied for different competitions with a prize money attached to it, the results are still to come – you can read more about the competitions on our blog.

Yes, it is. Since NG3O is officially a charitable organisation every donation you make is tax-deductable. If you use the donation form on this website, you will receive it automatically via e-Mail. If you directly transfer money to our bank account, please submit your address in the transfer form or via e-Mail and we will issue a donation receipt and send it to you.

We want to continue! If we can proof our concept, we want to cooperate with more organisations to help them get their foot into the door of the online donation market. We have different ideas for the future of NG3O, we can see other groups of motivated people going abroad with “our” video equipment or create a knowledge-hub for small Nonprofits to scale the learning process.

If success can not be proven, we will reflect on our mistakes and write a detailed report to give everyone the chance to understand the situation.

If we succeed, we will use it for further travels to empower grassroot organisations to raise funds online. In case we lose the charitable status or dissolve “NG3O” we will follow the statue and donate surplus money and video equipment to a charitable donation with a similar cause.

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e-Mail: hello@ng3o.org