Young and Dynamic Foundation

Many organisations working in the non-profit sector have the reputation to be old fashioned and slow to catch up with technology. Often run by older people, the directors of the organisations stick to what they know, sending letters, distributing leaflets and maybe the one or the other E-mail. On the search for partner organisations we explored different channels to find organisations that were ready to take the next step. The [...]

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Hope for Children of Migrant Workers

After our first two stops in the capitals of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, our next partner organisation has taken us to the quiet, calm and picturesque mountains of northern India. In-between the big houses built during colonial time, poverty is difficult to spot. Just looking at the houses built into the stunning mountains, one could be somewhere in Europe looking at the Alps. Big houses, tidy roads and the cool [...]

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(Press) Fundraising Echo

We have been featured in one of Germany's most popular newsletter on fundraising.  The 'Filantro Fundraising Echo' informs over 5000 subscribers about the recent developments in the fundraising world. Roland reached out to us and interviewed us via Skype. We had an interesting conversation, sharing our story and exchanging ideas about online fundraising. Unfortunately for all our english-speaking followers the article is only available in German. Click here

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Self-Help Group Approach

Empowerment. A term often used in the context of development. But how does empowerment help people that do not have enough money to feed their family? SERVE’s work is a prime example how empowerment can have a lasting impact on the lives of entire communities. Finding suitable partner organisations has been one of the biggest challenges we faced in the planning process of our trip. Communication was often limited and [...]

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Can Volunteers help NGOs?

Are volunteers of any support to an organisation? This question is often raised when talking about volunteering in third world countries. But it’s all a question of perspective and locating opportunities. Sanjeeva, the founder of SERVE, shared his view on volunteers on our first day in Sri Lanka. Volunteers can give an organisation new perspectives on projects and related problems. Every volunteer has a different background and qualifications providing a [...]

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