Can Volunteers help NGOs?

Are volunteers of any support to an organisation? This question is often raised when talking about volunteering in third world countries. But it’s all a question of perspective and locating opportunities. Sanjeeva, the founder of SERVE, shared his view on volunteers on our first day in Sri Lanka. Volunteers can give an organisation new perspectives on projects and related problems. Every volunteer has a different background and qualifications providing a [...]

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We are back online!

We had carefully planned our work before coming to Sri Lanka. Analysing potential problems and opportunities from a distance is difficult but can help get a first impression. But as with our first organisation most of our plans had to be reworked. Talking to the people face to face and developing a feeling for where an organisation might need some support is a core part of our concept. We want [...]

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Problems, solutions and planning ahead

Every day is full of surprises and challenges. Good preparation can help solve many problems and we have learnt to adapt any plan. Unfortunately, we are forced to take a little break with our blog but will be back in just a couple of weeks’ time! Traveling and experiencing different cultures and traditions makes the journeys memorable. The challenges make days unique and interesting. Our first six weeks in Bangladesh [...]

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Let’s talk LEEDO

Six weeks in Dhaka have come to an end and there is a lot to talk about. We havn't been posting particularly regularly but are happy to catch up with you now! Organisation one of four is in the books. Six weeks with LEEDO in Dhaka passed so quickly, it was difficult for us to take a step back and reflect our work. We blended into the organisation and completed [...]

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(VIDEO) Out with the Mobile School

We set out to the field with the mobile school of LEEDO. It was a great experience seeing how the children enjoyed learning bangla, math and life values. Here is a video showing our impressions: Make sure you check out our Instagram account and stay up to date with our progress: @go_ng3o or

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Let the work begin!

We made a plan! For the upcoming 5 weeks we have scheduled a variety of tasks ranging from producing an image video to writing a convincing proposal for a project that requires 25.000€ funding - each year. Our working plan for the first week said: Get to know the organisation and their work. And this is exactly what we did. We met all the employees and visited several projects LEEDO [...]

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LEEDO: The first days…

The first days are over: after a long journey we were welcomed very warm-heartedly by the LEEDO family! The first few days we spent getting to know LEEDOs work and evaluating where we might start to work. Finally our project has started! Our flight took us from Germany via London to New Dehli, where we spent a night before flying on to Bangladesh. At the airport Rana, a LEEDO staff [...]

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The first stop: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Now it is fixed! The first NGO we will cooperate with is called LEEDO. They focus on the well-being of street children in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka. The orginasation operates different programs from mobile schools to temporary shelters to an orphanage named "Peace Home" - we are excited to travel there and work with them! Many tourist visit Asia but Bangladesh is usually not at the top of the list. Many [...]

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We got awarded 1999€! (Definitely)

The university of Kiel offers a programm focussing on social entrepreneurship. We applied for 2000€ funding and got awarded! With the money we are able to finance the equipment for our organization We are happy and proud that the jury chose NG3O as one of the winning projects! The coaching from the YooWeeDoo Team and the attached funding are a huge step towards bringing NG3O to life. We are very [...]

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We are Crowdfunding!

We want to use the support of many to get NG3O off the ground. So we started a campaign on to be able to receive funds online. We want to tap into the power of many! We need to raise an amount of 7500€ to get NG3O off the ground. The biggest chunk of this amount will be spend on traveling costs, the second biggest part is money needed [...]

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