Every day is full of surprises and challenges. Good preparation can help solve many problems and we have learnt to adapt any plan. Unfortunately, we are forced to take a little break with our blog but will be back in just a couple of weeks’ time!

Traveling and experiencing different cultures and traditions makes the journeys memorable. The challenges make days unique and interesting. Our first six weeks in Bangladesh were full of new experiences in a country that rarely sees a tourist. Exposed to an unknown culture every day had different and exciting experiences in store for us.

Some complications

But unfortunately, not all surprises are exclusively positive. Planning in developing countries can turn out to be difficult at times. Preparing for all possible events is next to impossible. Sometimes plans have to be adjusted to suit the new environment. But these daily challenges make living in an unknown environment exciting and attractive.

Take a step back

Overcoming the challenges and finding solutions can take some time. The solution is found but we need some time to clear all uncertainties. For this reason, we are forced to take a little break with our blog. After promising to be more regular with our blog this setback is very disappointing to us. But in a couple of weeks’ time our blog will be back with regular reports of our journey.

Looking ahead

We expected complications and we are gaining experiences every day. We are very excited to be in contact with some great organisations and are close to selecting our next partner organisation. Our first experiences with non-profit organisations have been valuable in selecting the most suitable partner for a successful collaboration.

Yes, we did see the Germany match. No, we do not want to talk about it.

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