Our idea in TWO minutes (Video)

You don't have a clue why we post videos on Youtube? You would like to know why Sharing is so important for us? Here are the answers! We put together a video to explain our idea within two minutes. (Activate Subtiles if you like :) )   You have questions? Send us a message using our Contact form or e-Mail :)

2018-03-10T12:11:00+00:00November 16th, 2017|NG3O|

NG3O is now officially a NGO!

We have taken the next step in making our project come to life. On the 01.09.2017 we invited friends and family to pitch our idea and fought our way through the german bureaucracy and are now register as a Non-Governmental Organisation. Our journey begins with 31 members to our organisation All members present had a vote and appointed the board of our organisation. Tom and Johannes were voted to be [...]

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