How flawed is our concept? (It’s good we are changing it)

We thought we can reach tens of thousands of people on social media. We thought we can engage them emotionally, so they will donate online. And we thought a man would fish, if you give him a fishing rod. How foolish was that?  Being on the road for more than 4 months, taking a step back and reflecting our work is overdue. Having cooperated with four NGOs which operate [...]

2018-09-17T13:54:28+00:00September 17th, 2018|NG3O|

Fighting, with everyone against you

In a country with a literacy rate below 75%, there is a large percentage of people who cannot claim their rights if they become victims of a crime. But the challenges faced in a developing country with an inefficient judicial system are not imaginable for us growing up with more efficient systems. Many victims cannot afford to pay a lawyer and corruption often stands in the way of a fair [...]

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How can we spread Hope?

Every child deserves a a perspective in life. In many families in India the circumstances do not allow children to fullfil their full potential. Children are forced to earn money to support the household. Giving Hope Extra-curricular activities are an important part of the concept. The children need hope for a better future. Something they believe in and they can strive for to achieve. But it also needs [...]

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