Every child deserves a a perspective in life. In many families in India the circumstances do not allow children to fullfil their full potential. Children are forced to earn money to support the household.

Giving Hope

Extra-curricular activities are an important part of the concept.

The children need hope for a better future. Something they believe in and they can strive for to achieve. But it also needs someone to believe in the children and their abilities. Their parents are struggling to provide the children with daily food. The school teachers are faced with various problems in the heavily under financed public schools. It needs a child friendly environment with people who believe in the children and their abilities.


Filming the different lessons conducted by volunteers

Image Video for Hope

Running an Instagram channel will not have a direct benefit on a child that has to work every day to earn money for the family income. But an Instagram channel can reach out, to many different people and raise awareness. Not every person is aware of these social problems and the challenges the children face. Making the people aware is an important first step. But how can this awareness be transformed into benefit for the children? With our first video we targeted volunteers as more teaching volunteers can increase the quality of education for the children.

What an Image Video can change

Image videos are not only common among non-profit organisation but also used by companies and institutions as it is an important part of their online representation. An image video can give a short overview of an organisation and their activities. In the hectic times of internet, most people prefer to watch a video compared to reading a text. In a couple of minutes an image video should communicate the most important information. We give a short inside into the daily struggles of the children and what the Human Hope Foundation team is doing to spread hope.


Social Business

In workshops the children learn to make jewellery

Only relying on donations can be a risk for non-profit organisations. Often factors that cannot be influenced decide about the amount of money that comes in. Diversifying the income streams can be a good way of spreading the risk. Operating as a social business can be one interesting stream of income for organisations. The Human Hope Foundation has focussed there initial efforts on this stream selling products made by children and mothers. But equally to setting up a commercial business, ensuring quality, marketing and posting products are a major task, that requires a lot of time. But the products made with love give the customer a good fealing about there purchase as they are supporting a good cause. Unfortunately there is no shipping to Europe yet but anyone located in India should check out the beautiful hand made products.


Volunteers and children celebrating Independance day

Looking Back

Living up in the mountains was a nice change to the polluted, hot and hectic cities we have visited prior. The experiences with Vikram and the Human Hope Foundation team have been unique in many ways. As a young and small organisation we enjoyed working with Vikram who was able to take quick decisions and give us clear instructions. The family like atmosphere especially among the volunteers made us feel welcomed from the first day onwards. Vikram has big ambitions and we are excited to see the impact the work of the entire Human Hope Foundation has on the deprived children of Shimla.

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