In a country with a literacy rate below 75%, there is a large percentage of people who cannot claim their rights if they become victims of a crime. But the challenges faced in a developing country with an inefficient judicial system are not imaginable for us growing up with more efficient systems. Many victims cannot afford to pay a lawyer and corruption often stands in the way of a fair trial. But some people do not give up on the fight, no matter how many challenges they face.

Money rules

A judge should make his decisions based on the evidence brought before him during the trial. But if other factors influence the outcome, it becomes next to impossible for victims to find justice. If influential people with political or financial strength, decide about convictions, cases end without conviction. ‘Good’ Lawyers have the contacts to distribute bribes to the right people to produce the desired outcome.

The police as a criminal’s friend

Corruption among police officers is common in many countries. Caught riding without a helmet on a motorbike the fine can be avoided with a bribe. When police officers take a regular income from criminals to protect them, it becomes dangerous. Then, fighting criminals means fighting the police at the same time. Understandably, they will want to avoid that their criminal behaviour is made public and do not want to lose their lucrative stream of income.

Fighting criminals and mafias

Not many dare to take on the some of the most dangerous people. Controlling entire areas, protected by the local police, they act outside of law and order. Forced prostitution and human trafficking are often their streams of income. Supporting the victims, means fighting these criminals. If someone interferes in their ‘business’ they respond with threats and violence. In many cases victims withdraw the charge out of fear.

Fighting for justice

Fighting for the justice of people oppressed by the strongest is a major challenge in itself. But having to fight at several fronts at the same time requires a lot of sacrifice. For every single step the consequences must be considered. One step into the wrong direction can have fatal consequences. But in the fight for justice, some people are prepared to sacrifice a lot and take these risks to protect the most vulnerable in the society. We believe that with the help of technology, organisations support more victims in the strive of justice in their life. Contributing to this kind of dangerous work is not easy but a risk worth taking!