Three weeks in the Philippines have past and we are back in cold old Germany. We had a really exciting trip taking us from the slums of Manila to the beautiful beaches of Palawan. But what fascinated us the most was the kindness and the hospitality of the people we met on our journey. They gave us ‘local’ advice on which places to see and which dishes to try. Although some delicacies were challenging, we are glad to have had the experiences.


Filipino hospitality is irresistible

Hospitality is a big part of the filipino culture and we were overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the people. Everyone took a lot of time to meet us, invited us out for filipino food and would insist on paying the bill at the end. We had some great conversations learnt more about the filipino culture and exchanged some ideas about Non-Profits.


Old Balara School, Young Focus, Childhope, Futkal Tondo, YMCA

We met with four organisations located in Manila and one on a different island in a city called Iloilo. We were fortunate to have been invited by two larger organisations that already have experience with online fundraising. This gave us the opportunity to learn from the first experiences and identify the challenges. The other two smaller organisations were new to online fundraising and gave us a good insight about what is lacking and where support is needed.

We learnt a lot about fundraising and the challenges smaller organisations face and enjoyed a couple of days at some of the stunning beaches this country has to offer. We got loads of great feedback and can’t wait to include this into our concept. Follow our social media channels to see more of our journey and subscribe to our newsletter to not miss a blog post 🙂


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