NG3O goes philippines! Yesterday we booked the flights to our first destination: Manila! Starting on the 4th of September we will spend three weeks in and around the capital of the philippines. We chose the philipine islands because the majority speaks fluent english, a necessity for successful research.

Market research and workflow as a team

During our stay we plan to visit a variety of NGOs to collect information. How are NGO Teams organzied? What is important when it comes to online communication? Is the demand for websites, image videos and social media consulting as big as we expect?

But we will not only focus on other NGOs – we will figure out how we can perform as a team. How to produce appealing video content on the go? How to keep the balance between planning and improvising? Can we deliver on our aim to upload at least one video each week? Questions over questions we are setting out to find an answer to.

Dusseldorf – Amsterdam – Xiamen – Manila

To keep our tight budget together we booked the cheapest flight to Manila. We will fly from Dusseldorf to Amsterdam and then have a 15 hours stopover in China. Since noone of us has ever been in China, we are very exited. Fourtantely we can apply for a 72h visum to be able to leave the airport.

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Photocredit goes to Benjamin Voros