We have set out on a trip to the Philippines to exchange some ideas with NGOs and their experiences with online fundraising. For this reason we have got in contact with several organisations mainly in Manila to fact check our concept. We have made appointments with both smaller and bigger organisations to learn from their experience.

What are we hoping to find?

So far we have developed our concept with our experiences at our desks in Germany. For this reason we wanted to go out and speak to organisations to find out what they need. At the same time we also want to meet with NGOs that have already gathered some experience in fundraising online to learn from their success.

Why did we choose the Philippines?

The main reason we chose the Philippines is communication: English is widely spread throughout the country and it will enable us to exchange ideas and thoughts without a translator. We are hoping to find visit an exciting country and meet some great people on our journey.

We can’t wait to get started and take the next step forward with our project NG3O.

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